When you start to transition from working hard to hardly working, you know for sure the holidays are here! And if you’re anything like most people, that onsets a dizzy, festive panic - what about that company Holiday party you had to plan! Team holiday planning can surely be stressful, but no worries, that’s where Unlock has you covered.

Here are our 10 favourite virtual experiences to do with your team this season through Unlock;

1.Musical Year-End Celebration

Unite your team in the most extraordinary way this season with interactive songwriting, comedy and trivia- all rolled into one fun packed session. Nothing like learning combined with a fun musical atmosphere led by celebrity musicians to get everyone into the festive spirit! Can’t wait to rock? Start your exclusive and festive music journey here.

2. Not Just Another Cookie

Are you Team Baker or Team Banter? A hilarious experience that combines ooey gooey holiday cookie baking with wit, humour and stories! Let Nayma and her partner Mario take you on a baking journey sprinkled with stories, learning and laughter. And in the end, you have delicious cooking to celebrate! Roll up your sleeves here!

3. Holidayzed Living Room Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to play the most original festive-themed virtual scavenger hunt by Alley Kat Adventures. This interactive game gets you active, off your feet and out of your comfort zone to compete and complete creative, challenging and wacky missions! Book this adventure now.

4. Holiday Geeks Quiz

Up for a friendly competition to put the Hurrah back into the Holidays? Test your trivia skills with this high-energy and fast-paced holiday quiz hosted by an amazing quiz master. Who in your team is a complete Christmas geek? Find out the answer by booking this experience here.

5. Analyse Handwriting in Holiday Cards

A handwritten classic holiday card! Even with everything going digital, there is nothing quite like it. It’s old school and personal. And what if you could get to know more about the person who wrote it? In this interactive session, Ghislaine Hubbard, a graphologist with over 20 years of experience, will show you how to analyse handwriting in cards to learn facts & traits about those who wrote it. As unique as an experience can get! See all the details.

6. Escape: Festive Edition

It’s almost Christmas eve and Santa is ready to leave to begin his worldwide festive deliveries. Your time working with Santa has its ups and downs. What do you spot there when you walk into one of the many rooms of Santa’s workshop? It’s Santa’s naughty/list! Oh no, he needs that list to spread joy around the world. This is your chance to get back in his favour. Are you able to return the list on time? Only one way to find out ;)

7. Festive Drink and Draw

Let’s create some festive cheer with a glass of wine in one hand and a pencil in the other. In this activity, Jilly and Tom will take you through a series of drawing games and exercises designed for everybody regardless of their skill level. You’ll start by drawing an object and finish it off with a festive self-portrait. It will be an amazing festive experience for sure. Ready to pick up that pencil?

8. Festive Cheese Gougeres

Without even translating ‘gougeres au fromage’, you just know that it's delicious and it will impress your guests! In this experience, your 5-star host Emma will teach you her famous french recipe. Once you’ve mastered the basics, Emma will take it up a notch by using various other ingredients that you’ll have at home. You don’t need to be a master chef to enjoy this great and delicious experience. Find it here.

9. Holiday Origami

One of our most popular hosts, Manami, is back to teach you more about the world of origami. In this festive experience, you’ll get to choose 3 festive origami shapes by using your favourite wrapping paper. Manami will demonstrate each fold step by step, emphasising important skills and answering all your questions. It’s bound to be a unique and cultural experience. You don't want to miss this.

10. Mulled Wine & Chocolate Cakes

Nothing beats the holiday feeling than a lovely dinner and a great dessert. Get a taste of France for the holidays and learn how to make the classic Vin Chaud (Mullet Wine) and Moelleux au Chocolat (lava cakes). Both recipes are beyond easy to learn with minimal equipment. Impress your guests with your newest cooking skills in this entertaining and delicious experience. Make sure you book it now!

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