With summer coming to an end, and everyone is gearing up to make the most out of the last four months of 2022, this time will be critical to make a significant impact and smash through your goals! Motivation is key. And no better way to do this than bring your team together for an undiscovered experience and make them feel creative, energised and ready to collaborate.

But no one wants yet another virtual event that sucks. We get it. At Unlock we curate the most unique virtual experiences — boosting morale and engagement by helping your team connect in exciting new ways. Here are our top picks and what you can achieve with all of them:

1. Virtual office olympics 🏆

Kick off the fall season with a fun dose of competition and try out virtual office olympics led by our fabulous host Kat. She is the kind of host which just makes your entire team laugh and get into a winning mindset. Without giving too much away, this is truly 30 minutes of action-packed fun that will leave your team craving for even more experiences.

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2. Spark Your Creativity With Collage 👩🎨

The fall period brings to mind candles, tea and good magazines. Magazines that offer unlimited possibilities to create something amazing. How? Let our host guide you how to snip, stick and create your own unique collage art. Whether you hide an inner artist or can barely draw a stick figure, this experience will not only teach you a completely new perspective of art, but also leave you feeling like a complete pro!

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3. Creative Smartphone Photography At Home 📷

Danylo is a super passionate mobile photographer and host who knows how to turn household objects into stunning backdrops for intriguing photos. We had no clue that a picture of toilet paper could look like a shot for Vogue. This experience will not only uplevel your team's photo skills, it will also make you see everyday items in a completely different perspective.

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4. Cook Pasta with Sicilian Farmers 🍝

The holidays might be over, but eating doesn’t have to. Keep the spirit of a relaxing Italian summer alive with a new dish to impress your family, or date. Making Lemon Tagliolini is the experience to try this Fall. Our hosts Fabio and Annarella will teach you all about authentic Italian cuisine using techniques that are rooted in the history of Southern Italian gastronomy. Bring along an apron!

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5. Virtual Mind Reading Games 🤯

The days are getting shorter, the weather, turning grim. With mystery and wonder in the air, it’s an apt time to be marvelled by a mind reader. Mind reading, the art of mentalism has the ability to stun any audience, leaving even the most sceptical people astonished and amazed! Our talented host Alex will create a mind reading experience based on decades of experience as a police chief and psychology expert. Prepare to be left speechless and smiling!

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Start planning your anti-boring activities with Unlock

So, what are you waiting for? Book your demo at joinunlock.com, and get a head start on connecting better with your team, company, or community this fall. You’ll notice the following;

😍 Improved connectivity through laughter: Creating a sense of joy is the most aspirational outcome we see across all our customers. These experiences will drive laughter and creativity - the building blocks of healthy, human relationships.

🤗 Better understanding of each other: Learning something unique about your colleagues and sharing new memories together is priceless. Many of our customers highlight this as their favourite outcome as it also helps to build a much more productive and fun working relationship.

🤩 More creative thinking: All these experiences get you in a creative mindset, by trying something completely new and seeing things from a new perspective. Harness that creative energy to smash the work goals.

Enjoy and have fun,
Team Unlock

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