Yes, 2023 is here. The new year is a fantastic time to try something new and take the time to create amazing new memorable moments with your team. Whether you’re looking for goal setting, reflection, relaxation or fun activities. We’ve got you covered, our new drop of exciting team activities is sure to make a lasting impact. You’ll find a roundup of diverse activities that are sure to get your team get fired up for the new year 🔥

Goal Setting with a Vision Board Collage

You probably have set countless New Year’s resolutions over the years. Have you ever really nailed them? If you have, great! If not, no worries, it’s not you. Science has demonstrated that our brains cannot differentiate between doing an action or visualizing it. It makes the visualization process nearly as powerful as performing the action.

In this reflective and creative experience, you will create a collage with images that represent the goals you wish to set. You’ll learn to simplify what you want to achieve and create a powerful visual that you can revisit every day to help you focus on your goal. This workshop is bound to set you in a positive mindset and kick off the New Year!

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Draw a 2023 treasure map

There are two types of people in the one: the ones who plan and the ones who become part of someone else’s plan. Which one are you and which one do you want to be? f you want to take charge of your own destiny, this activity is for you. Claudine Fe will guide you on a treasure-hunting adventure where you will prioritize your goals and create a map to help you focus on your work and life objectives. This is a great opportunity to bond with your teammates and gets on the same page for the new year.

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Gong meditation and intentions for 2023

Are you looking for a bit more tranquil start of the year? Then the Gong Meditations and Intentions for 2023 is an ace choice!  Inspired by the soundbath listening experience, this guided meditation will help you connect with your inner selves and set personal intentions for the new year. Close your eyes, relax, and let the soothing sounds wash over you as you start the year off feeling calm and rejuvenated.

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Fall in Laugh again!

Keep the good vibes going from the holidays by laughing and bonding with your team. Laughter has the power to boost morale and productivity by releasing tension, and this 30-minute session of laughter therapy and yoga is sure to do just that. Your host, Thomas, will share theories about the benefits of laughter and lead you through exercises to increase joy and connection. This is a unique and fun way to start the new year.

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Fun Group Tarot

Get ready to connect as group in a unique way using Tarot cards! In this activity, the worlds only certified Tarot consultant and intuitive certified coach will provide a once in a life-time tarot reading. Back with her 20+ year of experience in the MBA, all you’ll need is to have an open mind and sense of found. An experience that will truly leave you spell-bound. Experience the power of tarot reading.

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