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One membership. All your team connection needs met.

Curated experiences

High-impact virtual team activities and collections with world-class hosts.

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Empower managers to run their own experience plans, effortlessly.

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Friction-free invites, reminders and feedback surveys through email & Slack.

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Matched to your company size, event type and cadence.

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Platform is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Dedicated support

Partner with your own culture expert to build a unique plan of experiences.

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Shared experiences make great teams. Because the better we connect, the more we can accomplish.


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What types of experiences do you offer?
How do I book an experiences?
What experiences should I select?
What experiences are good for larger teams?
What kind of data and analytics do I receive as a member?


How will I know if my activity booking is confirmed?
Can I reschedule or cancel my activity?
How do I share the invite with my team?
Where are the activities hosted?
How do I prepare my team to make the most out of each activity?
Will Unlock manage all shipping details?
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