We’re literally wired for it. Cognitively, physically and spiritually. It drives our need to belong and our desire to forge bonds. It influences our relationships and our rituals, our health and our happiness. Enables us to share our emotions, energy and experiences. Build understanding, respect and trust.At work or at play, in a couple or a crowd, with colleagues or companions.

Everything is better when we connect.

And in a world that’s become more digitally engaged and physically remote. We miss human connection like never before. Particularly in the workplace. Because although working remotely can be rewarding. Hanging out isn’t what it used to be.

Our days have been taken over by screens and machines. By the ping, the beep and the buzz. The edit, the filter and the bullet point. The channel, the folder, the doc and the sheet. So while our ability to share information, knowledge and data has increased.Our opportunity to deeply connect with each other has diminished. We’re here to change that.

Welcome to Unlock.

The virtual platform for real connection. Designed to synchronise all the social elements of your culture. To rev up the excitement, energy and engagement. With tools for the discovery, scheduling and management of the moments that matter to your team. Making every interaction intentional and every experience engaging.

Unlock is simple to set up, straightforward to roll out and seamlessly integrates with the products you love. There’s no 100 page manual or heavy lifting or sign up required. So from the second they click the URL everyone feels like they’re IRL. We unlock the right conditions for real connections.

Our customers recognise that their workplace is about more than just working. That creating a cohesive culture is as important as getting things done. That their people are more than just a job description. And that generating a return on relationships is the biggest impact they can make on the success of their companies.

Our purpose is to create spaces and experiences that enhance human connection and team culture. That promote conversation, cohesion and creativity. Encourage intention, interaction and inclusion. Increase engagement, retention, productivity and progress. By making our time together at work more social, enjoyable and meaningful. Because the more we build affinity, the more we can accomplish.

So we’ve set ourselves an ambitious first mission. To power real connections for one million teams over the next five years.

It’s the first step towards a future where every human connection can be rich, rewarding and real, however, and wherever we come together.

And you’re part of that vision too. In fact, you’re front and centre.

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